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Keeping it Green

Yard and Garden Care in Okotoks and Area


We offer a variety of landscape maintenance and garden services. Whether you have an acreage, residential or commercial property, you are sure to find a service that meets your needs.

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Commercial & Residential Services 

Summer season
Includes a spring and fall cleanup; weekly cuts in June, July and August, and as needed in May, September and October.

Winter season
Includes snow removal anytime it snows more than one centimeter November through April.


Acreage Maintenance 

Maintenance for an acreage owner is a big commitment. We can keep your acreage looking great with our professional staff and equipment.


Landscape Construction 

Landscape design and construction for decks, fences, patios, retaining walls, sod installation and more!


Gardening, Mulch Bed Design & Installation

Well-designed mulch beds will help soil maintain moisture and in turn help conserve water. Mulch can nourish plants; insulate the ground, and make beds easier to weed because the soil is less compact. Organic mulch, in time, breaks down adding nutrients to the soil. Inorganic mulch gives the look of a permanent well-manicured bed. Mulch can beautify your yard, define bed edges, and save water. Best of all, mulch beds can dramatically reduce maintenance. We are excited to be bringing a Master Gardener on board this 2022 season!



Irrigation installations, service repairs, seasonal starts up and blow outs.


Spring & Fall Cleanups

Customize your spring and fall clean up to your properties needs.